I support SME decision-makers as well as communities to gain transparency by optimizing their internal organization.

For this, I work in organizational audit, on project management in order to optimize a new target organization and provide management support.

I carry out your projects with you face-to-face and remotely.

Organizational audit

Having recourse to an organizational audit expert allows you to work on management efficiency and business strategy.

The audit mission is both a decision aid for the auditee but also a time saver and an optimization of your results.

My experience will allow you to benefit from an outside perspective and to support you with pragmatism.

My methodology is based on an inventory offering a concrete interpretation of the strengths and dysfunctions of your structure: diagnose where the structure is in terms of the consistency between its organization and its current affairs.

We start from the observation that each actor perceives his entourage with his own spectrum of understanding, therefore I carry out several interviews, whether individual or collective, in order to be able in all objectivity and on an empirical approach to produce a report articulated around your needs specifying in a quantitative and qualitative way the areas for improvement to be proposed.

The audit report will include the following elements: an organization chart, an analysis of your procedures, an analysis of your organization, a risk map, an action plan and recommendation.

Project management

Project management or its management is all the activities aimed at organizing the smooth running of a project and achieving its set objectives.

You need outsourced help for an additional resource or to drive your project.
At your disposal, I follow you and put my skills at your disposal.

The methodology is structured around 4 stages:

  1. Initialize the request and define the project
  2. Plan steps and actions
  3. Execute and pilot
  4. Finalize and close the project


Support you in your management with your teams by being your external eye, attentive and in sharing your thoughts. Proximity and regularity make it successful.